Vaccine Report

by Beckham Trigo

People have been getting the new vaccine that has been coming out, including our teachers. They have been very enthusiastic about receiving it among the current fears in the world. Through interviewing teachers, hard questions were asked: Why did you choose to get it? Were we better prepared as a nation? Will masks end? While there were no sure answers to these questions, I wanted to get an opinion. 

So, was the country better prepared than other countries? Mrs. Winslow answered by stating, “I think with the technology we have versus the technology other countries had, we were better prepared.” As our population is not all elderly, we had a much higher survival rate that allowed for better preparation. 

Now that the vaccine is out, many people want to know if it truly works, so I asked the teachers around our school, and they had similar answers. They stated that they had felt no side effects and were pleased altogether. Then I moved on to ask why the vaccine was so important to get. Mrs. Farish stated, “I want to be around people.” Due to circumstances in many people’s lives, this is a concern most have. Mrs. Winslow said, “Risks are lower” as they now have the vaccine. 

Mrs. Winslow and Farish don’t feel as if they will contaminate a student or a peer. However, both teachers think that the vaccine should be a choice and not forced. Farish stated, “I think it would be infringing,” and this was a commonly stated line between many people I have talked with.

Now for the real question that everyone has been wondering since the beginning of the year: Will masks go away after the vaccine? The answer is mired in uncertainty, and it is not an easy topic to talk about. However, Mrs. Winslow stated, “I really hope so,” and she continued to state that they would go away; she just wasn’t sure when. As 2021 moves forward, we can only hope that it happens sooner than later.

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