A “Normal” Homecoming

by Beckham Trigo

Homecoming was a great way to start off a “normal” school year. Although Homecoming did come later than usual, the hype was still present from all of the students at Cedar High School. Homecoming is always a crucial part of the school year and it is always magical how the students come together as one.

Homecoming this year was normal compared to last year which had COVID-19 restrictions. So, how exactly did Homecoming go this year? Was there school spirit? Royalty commentary? These are all things that are independently important to fully experience Cedar’s school spirit. 

This year, Homecoming Week was set up like any other year with dress up days, royalty assemblies, football games, and extracurricular activities. All of these things made up the week. So, the week went like this: Monday, Sports Day; Tuesday, Bougie Day; Wednesday, Dress Like a Teacher Day; Thursday, Western Dress Up Day; Friday, Red and Gold Day.

This week’s events were corresponding to the themes that the sports games had. While interviewing students at Cedar, they said there should be a variety of days instead of the same ones every year. This was an interesting thought that most students at Cedar agree on. The games during this week included volleyball, tennis, soccer, XC, and football. While many focus upon football the most, students have come together to agree other sports need to be recognized.

So, was there school spirit? YES! There was a lot of school spirit with many people dressing up. A lot of students were enthusiastic about coming to school dressed up as their favorite subjects and teachers. There also seemed to be an abundance of fans at all of the games supporting all of our sports players. The week even had teachers joining in and encouraging their students to participate in the fun. However, some students found it demotivating that homecoming was late this year and would like to see it closer to the beginning of the school year in the future. 

This year, Parker Allen and Andelin Mbaki were chosen as Homecoming King and Queen. It is very exciting for this pair to win as many people recognize Andelin already as Miss Iron County-Utah. While interviewing her about her pride in this role, she stated, “[…]I feel a part of something great!”

She proceeded to talk about her respect and pride in Cedar High School. Soon after, she answered the question, “Are there any changes you would like to see in royalty voting?” It was a response not many people were expecting, but Mbaki stated, “A lot of people see royalty voting as popularity votes, and I think it’d be interesting to see what it’d be like differently.” This opinion is very valid, and should be sought out in the future to recognize so many other great students. However, Mbaki’s humble response only goes to show that she is deserving of the role. A response from Allen brought up another point to look into as he stated, “I don’t know about changes, but I think a lot of people don’t vote.” 

So as we wrap up, we can see so many people had fun this homecoming season as we are back in school—pretty much back to normal! We also see a few insights from some special commentators that were able to participate in the events itself. So, if you want to show more school spirit make sure that you are participating and getting involved. Like Parker Allen says, “…put in extra effort to be a good example.”

Photos Provided By Emma Taylor and Ericka Marchant

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