Reds United Week a Success

By Beckham Trigo

From December 7th to the 11th, Cedar High School participated in something new: Reds United Week. Student government created Reds United Week for the purpose of impacting people through recognition. Caleb Nelson, the organizer of this event, stated in an interview, “There were so many nice things said that I can’t imagine it not having an impact.” Everyone in the school received a letter and participated in influencing a fellow student’s life. 

Nelson also noted that “the project was probably the best thing that student government has ever done together.” Reds United Week distracted from the stressfulness of the last week of the quarter and tried to calm the lives of students who were struggling with finishing their work. They attempted to make students focus on their peers rather than themselves.

Mrs. Davidson said, “It’s important to see, it’s important to ask, and it’s important to be kind.”

Despite many students struggling with getting their grades up while taking the time to recognize another student, this project helped students see from a different perspective. Reds United Week created impressions not only on the students but the student government as well. Nelson stated, “I think all of us were touched by the kindness and goodness of our student body.”

Mrs. Davidson added, “They saw a need now!”

Reds United Week shows how much the student government cares. They saw that students needed uplifting, and they decided to take action, which isn’t something that is done very often. 

When asking peers how they felt about this project, many thanked Nelson because they felt happier inside. However, Caleb reminds us: “The real people who deserve the thanks are the people in student government who spent countless hours sorting.”

Kinsyee Robison said, “I felt it was a pretty good way to unite us all.” A majority of students enjoyed the Reds United Week and thought it brought the whole school together for the better.

When asked whether or not the event should be repeated, feedback poured in. Mrs. Davidson said that “it could be expanded,” while Nelson affirmed that “this is definitely going to be a repeated thing throughout our school.”

Many at Cedar High School agree with this sentiment. As Cedar High School’s slogan for this year declares, “Let’s Get It!”

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