I’m Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

by Abigail Roundy

December was kicked off with the tenth annual Pink Christmas. This event, held December 1st at Cedar High School, is a town favorite, with its upbeat talent show, notable silent auction, and delicious bake sale.

However, it isn’t all about the fun — Pink Christmas is about giving back, specifically to help patients battling all
kinds of cancer in the community. All funds produced from the evening are donated to the chosen beneficiary. No funds
are kept by any member of the Pink Christmas committee.

This event was started in 2013 by Joy Coates and Rachel Torres to assist Lori Myers when she was diagnosed with
Stage 4 breast cancer. This event has continued on, in honor of Lori, who sadly passed away in 2015.

Pink Christmas helps to showcase how special and supportive the community is in Cedar City, as it is fully funded by community members and local businesses. This event was the perfect start to the month of December — a month that is typically known for service and giving back to the community.

The Pink Christmas team shares that, “We want this to be a positive community event that continues to teach people old and young that the true meaning of Christmas is more than just boxes under a tree.”

There was an impressive turn out at this year’s event. The talent show was full of spectacular performances, featuring around 30 acts. Dancers and musicians of all sorts, showcased their gifts with the community. The silent auction was held in the school cafeteria, with baskets and goodies filling the room. Items were donated from generous businesses and community members, featuring coveted items such as a 55’’ LED TV, a laptop, an Xbox, and gift cards galore. Those are just a few of the items.

It takes a lot to get this event going — from the coordination of the acts, beautiful decor, and bake sale set-up, to the assembling of the silent auction. The team consists of 13 people who plan, organize, and run the event. The crew includes: Joy and Brandon Coates, Matt and Natalie Cook, Connel and Bernice Gower, Alecia Jones, Leslie Brindley, Tawna Marriott, Alexis Cook, Charity Twitchell, Aimee Gilbert and Rachel Torres. There was also a special appearance from Santa and the Grinch.

Joy Coates explains that the effort is all worth it. “I love Pink Christmas because it is a reminder of all the generosity and kindness that is alive and well in Cedar City.”

This year Pink Christmas is donating to four beneficiaries. On average, this event raises between twenty to thirty
thousand dollars. Last year, it produced nearly thirty thousand dollars to help those battling cancer. The Pink Christmas team shares, “This event has continued to show what a great community we live in. A community that rallies and supports its members when they are in need.”


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