By Carson Sawyer

The spooky season is now upon us. You might have noticed Halloween decor popping up in your neighborhood. Or, you have been meaning to put up some scary stuff of your own, but precipitation or procrastination is making you hesitant. Either way, October is time for the spooks.

However, this October, there is something else important to the season for CHS Junior Lizzie Huff—and that’s socks: crazy, colorful socks. Calling it “Socktober,” Lizzie and her family collect socks for the kids at Primary Children’s Hospital during the month. Now, they’re looking for fun socks. These can have designs, cartoons, bright colors—really anything besides plain and dreary. If you’re looking to help donate some pairs, there is a bin in the main office where you can turn the socks in. Lizzie is usually able to collect over a thousand pairs every year, so let’s not disappoint!

Why Primary Children’s Hospital? 

Primary Children’s Hospital is a part of the not-for-profit Intermountain Healthcare and is affiliated with the University of Utah. The Salt Lake City hospital has been helping children for almost a century, and among them includes Lizzie. Lizzie was once a patient there, so she understands the hardships that current patients are going through and how the feeling of a new pair of crazy socks can help them through such painful struggles. 

Why crazy socks? 

As Lizzie states, she’s collecting crazy socks because she “got crazy socks back when [she] was in the hospital,” and they made her feel good. 

Now, she strives to share the warm feeling each new pair gave her. 

Why “Socktober?” 

Lizzie states that she and her family “just kind of liked how it sounded.” Socktober does have a nice ring to it, but we shouldn’t let it downplay the importance of donating a few pairs of crazy socks. These are meant to uplift the spirits of children undergoing some very difficult times. 

Maintaining the tradition of donating collected socks to Primary Children’s Hospital for around a decade, Lizzie continues to inspire and show compassion for others in a similar situation she was once in. Receiving a new pair of socks is an unforgettable feeling, and in answering what the best kind of socks are, Lizzy states, “I like fluffy, fluffy socks.”

From the glimpse of talking with Lizzy, I have learned that she is a soft but powerful speaker. Her experiences have only increased her compassion for others, and she is empowered to follow up on them. If you see Lizzie around school, don’t forget to wave and show her how welcoming this community is. Even without the socks, Cedar High School is glad to have Lizzy as a student this year.

The Socktober bin can be found just on the left as you enter the main office’s leftmost door.

(Photo provided by Carson Sawyer)

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